Work package 3

How does the Earth system react to all-forcing net-zero CO2 scenarios?

Contributions of human activities on how we reach net-zero CO2 emissions can vary quite strongly.

In this WP, we will use the newly released University of Victoria Earth system climate model (UVic ESCM version 2.10) including the atmospheric chemistry module, which allows us to directly force the model with multi-gas emissions data from a variety of net-zero CO2 scenarios from Rogelj et al., 2019

This study will be the first to use an Earth system model of intermediate complexity to study the temperature response to all-forcing net-zero-2050 scenarios. It will provide crucial information about both, the carbon cycle and climate dynamics, of such scenarios. Processes that are only represented in an idealised way in reduced complexity climate models. This study hence builds an important bridge between the Earth system modelling and the integrated assessment model communities.