About us

Nadine Mengis

Research group lead

Research Interests:

  • Feedbacks in the Earth system – physical and biogeochemical
  • Uncertainties in Climate Projections
  • Improving the Assessment of Carbon Dioxide Removal
  • Moral implications of Ambitious Mitigation Pathways
  • National Mitigation Strategies
  • Statistics
  • Science Communication

Twitter: @NadineMengis
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David Hohn

Postdoctoral researcher – WP2

  • What happens when CO2 emissions stop?
  • How much warming is already committed to the climate?
  • Which earth system processes are important after emissions stop?
  • How (un)certain are the climate models?
  • Statistics
  • Parameter Estimation
  • Machine Learning

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Estela Monteiro

Doctoral researcher – WP3

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